24 Apps to Help Manage College Life

As a college student, you have a lot going on in your life. Keeping up with your classes, maintaining a social life, and sometimes holding down a job, can be overwhelming. There are thousands of apps out there ready to help. Here’s 24 that can make college life more manageable.

Mobile Phone with cloud of application icons flying arround

Team Communication/Project Management

Asana Group projects can easily turn into chaos. Let Asana help you manage your team project from start to finish. It tracks tasks, conversations, due dates and everything else needed to help your team succeed in getting stuff done. The basic version is free for teams.

Slack – Slack brings your team or community together and allows you to collaborate and communicate in one place. It’s powerful and easy to use. Slack is free for teams.



BrainscapeWe all learn differently. Some of us focus only on books, others have study buddies. Remember the old-school flashcards? If those worked for you, Brainscape just might be your ticket to acing the test. It enables you to create your own smart digital flashcards or choose from thousands already in existence. Creating, sharing and studying your own flashcards is free.

Quizlet – Learn anything with the help of Quizlet. Search hundreds of flash card study sets available or make your own, and all for free.

Tophat – This app creates an engaging and interactive experience between professors and students, allowing you to participate in class polls, quizzes, discussions, and more by using your own laptop, smartphone or tablet. Many schools secure campus-wide licenses to make it free for students. In other cases, students may be required to pay a minimal fee for access. Check with your professors.

Blackboard – This online course management system is available at colleges throughout the U.S. It allows you to access learning content from your mobile device. Check with your college on availability. It is free to download the app.

iTunes U This one takes an iPhone, iPad or iPod. Ever have a class where you struggled with the professor or grasping the content? iTunes U offers free college courses from top universities. If you are looking for some extra help for a class, you might find a similar class here where you can better understand the materials. Think of it as hiring a tutor for free.

Students sitting at the table using computers and tablets


Note Taking

EvernoteIf you’re looking for a way to track and keep notes in class, try Evernote. It also allows you to record voice memos and make to-do lists that you’ll have mobile access to wherever you need them. The basic version is free for two devices. Premium plans are currently discounted for college students.

OneNote – If you’re actively using the rest of Microsoft Office, OneNote may be a great choice since your whole system is hooked together. Or, if you’re looking for an app that does more than Evernote, this might be your best choice. It works like a notebook with sections and tabs. Embed tables from Excel, pull clips from email, import images into notes and easily saving links from any browser. It takes some getting used to, but it may be worth it.

Google Keep – This app’s capabilities sit somewhere between OneNote and Evernote. It captures notes, lists, photos, and audio. If you are looking for a middle ground to meet your needs, this is a free one worth checking out.



DuolingoThis fun, science-based language app makes learning any new language easy. And, it’s free. Planning to study in Paris? Get started on learning French today.

Google TranslateIf it looks Greek to you, maybe it is. This website and app will translate from 103 different languages in an instant.

Cite this For MeFormerly called RefMe, this app will automatically create your bibliographies and citations in the correct format using the APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver, or Harvard referencing styles.

Grammarly – This must-have proofreading tool checks text for grammar, punctuation, and style, and features a contextual spelling checker and plagiarism detector. The basic version is free.


Cloud Storage/File Sharing

DropBox – Afraid of losing your notes or coursework, upload and store them in the cloud by using DropBox. Your files are accessible any time you need them, if you have an internet connection. Also, if you want to share files with a friend, Dropbox makes that easy too.

Box – Box provides another alternative to securing and sharing your files in the cloud, while also providing a shared workspace where you can collaboratively edit documents.

Google Drive – A third alternative for storing and sharing files is Google Drive. A big plus is that It’s integrated with Google Docs so you can create, share, and edit documents online, and save them directly to your Google Drive folders, instead of sending documents back and forth.



Video chatting/messaging

WhatsApp – This free messenger app for smartphones uses the internet to send messages, images, audio or video. One of its best features is it allows users to keep in touch with people living in other countries without racking up international charges that can happen with typical text messages.

GroupMe – This group messaging app allows you to include all devices, so if you’re not all iPhone lovers, it doesn’t matter, join the chat. GroupMe lets you create chat rooms for anywhere from 3 to 50 people. Consider it for short-term group projects.

Houseparty – There’s always a party. This free mobile app for live, group video chatting allows you to have up to eight people in one “room” at the same time.



Venmo – This free digital wallet app makes paying a friend or sharing a bill easy. Split cab fare, or divide the dinner check in half, all from your phone.

Mint – Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of your bills and your bank balance. Mint makes it easy to stay on top of your bills, your budget and even your credit score.



Snap2PDF- Come across a page in a book you want to reference later or you have something you need to send to a friend, Snap2PDF can help. This app allows you to use your smartphone to turn documents into searchable PDFs. It’s available in both an IOS and Android version for $1.99.

Afterlight – We all need one perfect image editing app for quick and easy editing. This comes with some simple but powerful tools that will help you achieve the perfect look you want in seconds. Available in both Android and IOS for 99¢.


Enjoy College

Schedules, assignments and life in general are a lot to manage while you’re in college. The apps featured above are just a sampling of what’s out there. We encourage you to take advantage of any tools that help you be more productive and accelerate in the classroom, while leaving time for a social life.