Selling Textbooks the Right Way

It’s the end of the semester. You are cramming for finals, writing term papers, pulling all-nighters, and occasionally making time to eat a decent meal. The last thing on your mind is planning ahead when you have so much to do right now…

While there are a few ways to sell your old textbooks, most are either inconvenient, pay nothing for your books, or take too much time. These ways force you to make trade-offs such as settling for less money to save time- vice versa. Textbook Valet was created to provide the best aspects of the campus bookstore and on-line websites saving you valuable time AND money.

The Textbook Valet buyback program was created to solve 3 issues

First, selling textbooks shouldn’t be a tedious responsibility. When a student is done with finals the last thing that they want is more work! We make sure Textbook Valet is the easiest way to sell your books. Visit us at a buyback event or setup a personal appointment ahead of time for us to buyback your books from your door. All of our buybacks are handled by student reps who attend YOUR school.

Other options: You can sell your textbooks online but that can be a huge hassle: figuring out how to list the book, setting a price, shipping it if/when it sells (good luck bringing the books back home with you to ship them on time!). Selling textbooks to the bookstore is more straightforward: you bring them the books and they pay you cash… sometimes. The problem with selling books to the bookstore is that if it is not being used next semester then they will either not purchase it or offer you pennies on the dollar- even if it’s brand new- which leaves you stuck with a 5 pound weight.

Second, you should receive cash for your textbooks. We pay cash for you books on the spot, plain and simple.

Other options: For the students who list their books online hoping to earn more cash- remember Amazon takes 15% comission and won’t deposit the money into your bank account for up to a month- if it sells that is… On the other hand, bookstores pay notoriously low buyback prices but most students just settle because it’s easy and they give cash on the spot.

Third, you should receive a FAIR amount of cash for your textbooks. We pay based on the overall market price of your book, not whether it is being used at school next semester. If your book is not purchasable, we offer a complimentary donation program where we donate it to a local organization such as the public library helping out the local community!